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June 2, 2017

NEW! Frontpage Specials! (Dec 15 to Dec 21)

Hatfield Country Style Boneless Whole Hams, Hatfield Bone-in Spiral Sliced Half Ham, Fresh Hand Trimmed Center Cut Boneless Pork Chops, Fresh Han Trimmed Boneless Chuck Roast and much more!
June 2, 2017

Super Weekly Specials!

There is always one of your favorites on our Super Weekly Special circular that will catch your eye! Checkout this week's SPECIALS now!
June 2, 2017

FREE! Holiday Dinner Favorites!

Sign Up and earn rewards from now until December 24th. Collect and save $300 in certificates or register receipts. Redeem them for one of your favorite Holiday Dinner Favorites! Collect Now!
June 2, 2017

Hispanic Department

Checkout our Super Gigante Specials every week for best prices in town. We have everything you need at special prices for your whole family!
June 2, 2017

Special Introductory Monthly Rewards Offer!

If you spend $300 or more in one month, earn $20 credit towards your purchase. ($20.00 rebate towards your purchase will be available following month) See store for details. Exclusions apply
June 2, 2017

Super G Meat Bag Special

We made it easy for you the choose your meat shopping by giving you bag options. Choose your special option to your family at best possible price anywhere!

Each Department in our store is ready to serve you for your family's grocery and nutritional needs.

Meat Department

Cut to your order Fresh Meats! Walk into a our Meat Department and you’ll find a wide selection of freshly cut meat, neatly displayed or packaged. Our butchers are professional meat cutters who have gone through rigorous training, starting as apprentices and working to become journeymen. Each butcher is expected to cut all meat precisely, within a 1/8 inch standard.

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Fruits & Vegetables

Always Fresh from the farm!! Local grown produce is critical for us because our shoppers request it. They are more interested in eating fruits and veggies from a farm they can drive to today than from an operation halfway around the world. Local assures customers that the produce is fresh and that it has not been processed more for packing and shipping than for eating.

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Fresh Fish

Fresh Catch of the Day! When we put its name on something, we believe it’s the very best and we stand behind it. That’s exactly why you’ll find our name on our Signature Seafood. The hallmark of our Signature lineup is its ocean-to-table freshness.

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Grocery & Frozen

Eating locally-produced foods is easy because we are focused on bringing the best local foods into every part of the store, including the center-store aisles and the dairy section. Store managers have reached out to farmers throughout Delaware Valley to locate the best products they can bring to you.

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Bread & Bakery

Wholesome, hearty and crusty breads with chewy textures and tantalizing aromas have been served for centuries in Europe. Our variety ranges from traditional French bread and baguettes to more hearty pumpernickel and ryes.

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Whatever your beverage needs are, we have you covered. Choose from our brand name soft drinks to special beverage from around the world. No matter what you are looking for in the beverage department, we are here to help you choose the right drink for any occasion.

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From our family to yours

Super G Market is a family run business and we know how important it is to put best food on your table. That is why we strive to bring the very best and freshest to you and your family.